Beijing, part 1

20150602-DSC_9648-1720150602-DSC_9649-1820150602-DSC_9656-1920150602-DSC_9667-2020150602-DSC_9670-2120150602-DSC_9674-2220150602-DSC_9684-2320150602-DSC_9701-2420150602-DSC_9706-120150602-DSC_9712-220150602-DSC_9714-28 20150602-DSC_9642-16 20150602-DSC_9636-15 20150602-DSC_9634-14 20150602-DSC_9621-10 20150602-DSC_9622-11 20150602-DSC_9625-12 20150602-DSC_9629-13 20150602-DSC_9618-9 20150602-DSC_9606-7 20150602-DSC_9593-6 20150602-DSC_9589-5 20150601-DSCF3518-1 20150601-DSCF3523-2 20150601-DSCF3540-4



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2 Responses to Beijing, part 1

  1. Interesting imagery – some very out of the box locations within a usual very touristy city.


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