Introducing the no-self selfie!

We are excited to announce a ground-breaking new style of photography that is bound to take social media by storm!*

Making a no-self selfie is easy to do:

  1. Take your mobile phone and hold it in front of your face
  2. Okay, this bit is new! Turn the phone around, so that the lens faces away from you (the lens is the funny little glass button that you sometimes cover with your finger).
  3. Use the phone screen to see what will be in your photograph. The key is, make sure you aren’t in the photograph, so no mirrors, okay?
  4. Take your no-self selfie!

There are boundless  possibilities for your no-self selfie. For example:

  • take a picture of a beautiful and serene landscape that doesn’t include yourself:


  • take a picture of inspirational architecture, while you aren’t standing on it:

Japan Fuji export 161

  • take a picture of someone who isn’t you!

China 13 5 (1)

The opportunities are endless. Just don’t forget to post your no-self selfie on social media with the hashtag #noselfselfie

Together, we can make a difference!*

*this part is probably not true.

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