A walk in Hangzhou

In the summer of 2014, I was fortunate on a trip to China to take a trip to Hangzhou. Many of the readers here will have visited, or at least heard of, Hangzhou, as it’s a very popular tourist destination with both Chinese and foreign tourists.

I generally don’t do a great deal of preparatory research before visiting a destination. This is partly due to inherent laziness and partly to preserve the novelty of seeing a place for the first time without having my impression coloured by others. Clearly, this is a luxury of the amateur; for a professional, time is money and research is essential to work efficiently.

It’s impossible not to know when visiting Hangzhou that the main attraction is the West Lake. Photographing generally about the streets was a pleasure, although hot and thirsty work, but in order to get shots that would have more than just passing appeal at the lake, it would be necessary to shoot at sunset.

The shore was packed as I imagine it usually is on days like this, especially during public holidays. Never mind- if there are people in the shot, use them as part of the composition!

There was plenty to shoot after sunset too, especially around the old town.

These were all shot on a Nikon DSLR using a variety of lenses.


awash FL PGDA Sunset by the lake Japan Fuji export 1 Japan Fuji export 2 Japan Fuji export 3 Japan Fuji export 4 Japan Fuji export 5 Japan Fuji export 6 Japan Fuji export 7 Japan Fuji export 8 Japan Fuji export 9 Japan Fuji export 10 Japan Fuji export 11

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