Japan monochrome

As a follow up to my previous post, I’d like to share the following monochrome images with you taken in Tokyo and Osaka on my most recent trip to Japan.

When the light is particularly harsh, or colours tend to be more muted, it’s helpful to be able to switch to black and white. I have to admit that it still feels novel to be able to switch between colour and black and white in camera, as well as in post processing- a luxury that comes with the digital era.

Again, I hope that the black and white rendering helps to convey the atmosphere of each place. I find that it ends itself particularly well to architectural studies, as the use of contrasting luminance without the distraction of colour helps to concentrate attention on lines and texture. As an exercise in self-discipline, I find that it’s god to ask myself whether colour would add anything to a particular composition. If not, I shoot in (or for) black and white.

These were all shot on the Fujifilm X100S (I do have other kit, and images with this will follow in future posts) using a combination of in-camera and post processing to achieve the desired rendering.


Pretty cool

Pretty cool

Crossing II



Abstract I

Crossing I



Japan Fuji export 161

Intersection I

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