Captures from Japan

On a recent trip to Japan I had the opportunity to take time wander and photograph. It meant that I could explore and enjoy parts of Tokyo and other cities that I might not ordinarily visit.

I hope you find that the images, taken either individually or together, convey a particular atmosphere. This was my primary aim. I found that the light was often favourable and the relaxed nature of the trip, together with my enthusiasm for the locations I visited, meant that I produced a number of images I’ll be sharing on here in separate posts.

These images were each taken using the Fuji X100S (with the exception of one- I’ll leave it to you to guess which) and are presented either straight out of camera or with a few minor tweaks in Lightroom. The X100S provides such accurate autoexposure and attractive (to my eye) tones and colours of its own accord that the files need little additional processing.

Enjoy and feel free to comment below!

Smoking room

Smoking room

Japan Fuji export 3

I don’t think he was holding a machete…



Order and calm in the hotel foyer


Ordered calm in the hotel foyer



Laid back tree

Laid back tree


Afternoon cycle

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