Ken would like Ozone

I am fortunate enough to come close to Ozone Coffee Roasters’ Leonard Street premises on a daily basis. The atmosphere is pure cool, with a touch of homeliness provided by the selection of delectable cakes on display at the counter and the friendly welcome of the staff.

The cavernous interior is post industrial chic, with untreated and distressed timber, stainless steel countertops and  bronze lampshades contributing to the sense that this place is something a bit more special than the usual artisan coffee shop.

The food menu will confirm this impression when you realise that they do  a whole lot more than just sandwiches; sausage and mash, risotto and pasta are just a few of the possible options for lunch. Breakfast deserves a whole separate post.

The latte I ordered was superb. This is no milky abomination like you’d find in Costabucks. Instead it was smooth, creamy, but also with enough coffee heft to show off what the proprietary espresso blend is capable of.

The coffee is roasted in the basement every week and you can taste the benefit of that. Speaking of the basement, this is also open to customers and as well as the roasting equipment and bags of beans, accommodates ample extra seating should the ground level become full.

The centrepiece of the basement has to be a private tasting and meeting rom, which contains its own mini roaster and espresso machine. Privacy can be ensured for those sitting around the giant boardroom table by use of the sliding doors. Somehow the whole setup reminds me of Ken Watanabe’s lair in Inception.

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